The reality regarding GEO Circle Lenses Exposed

circle lenses

Nowadays you might be overwhelmed by the numerous selection of Color lenses or circle Lens that are offered in the market. However, there is just one that is really standing up for from your mass, GEO Circle Lenses.

circle lens
GEO Circle lenses are design and created by a professional Korean company named GEO medical Co. Ltd. They’re an advance and innovative company that specialised in designing circle color lenses and contains attain numerous Local & International certification for the products, quality control and innovation.

( Approved & certified by KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration), MHLW (Japan Secretary of state for Health, Labour and Welfare), ISO (International Standard Organisation) & CE (Conformit� Europ�enne – Europe). )

In additional towards the above outstanding credentials you will find below, 4 major benefits of GEO Circle lenses.

Benefit 1 – Color & design style

GEO Lenses are famous for their color and design style. You can find various interesting color from which to choose I.e. Blue, green, brown, black purple, violet, sea green, olive and more as well as in term of favor, it’s going to be a lot more exciting, you can find lenses with some other design pattern for the lens itself, I.e. starry effect, butterfly effect, tearing effect etc.

Benefit 2 – Money Saver

GEO lenses are make to are per year of usage with proper cleaning and storage!

However, we’re going to strongly recommend that you apply it for each 6-8 months as fresh, new contacts will always be better and safer to the wearer.

Our recommendation: Transform every 6 months in case you put them on often. Put it back every 8 months if you do not use them as frequently.

Benefits 3 – Corrective Power can be acquired

For Those individuals who wear corrective disposable lenses, GEO Lens conveniently obtainable with corrective lenses.Thus there isn’t any excuse that you can look wonderful Continuously!

Benefits 4 – Simplicity of Ordering

With all the advancement online, anyone can find Ordering of your respective lenses easy and GEO circle lenses has no exception.

We’ll recommend that you’ve got a yearly eye check by way of a qualified optometry’s or eye doctors first before you purchase any lenses offline or online. Whenever your prescription emerges, you’re set to go surfing and order your preferred circle lenses without headaches, It is so easy. But do bare in mind that there are fake lenses available for sale which can be cheaper and sold, Authentic GEO circle lens vial includes a special authenticity number so that you can check it on the internet, so that you can are accertain which you have genuine or always order from a authorized GEO lenses agent like


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