Everything you Need to Know Ahead of Getting Circle Lenses

circle lenses

Should you are certainly one of the many those who have an interest in acquiring circle lenses, it really is crucial to consider many factors. You can greatly boost the color and appearance of your respective eyes through utilizing shade lenses but it’s crucial that you observe that not all lenses will be the same. Consider your time and energy doing your study in order to enjoy relaxed get in touch with lenses and appealing new eye colour.

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Choose the circle lens firm you purchase from

Remember that the protection of your eyes need to be your very first priority when getting contact lenses. Make certain to get from companies that specialize on producing get in touch with lenses. Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of organizations that market these goods without having any assure of good quality or basic safety. It’s important to look for an organization that can supply good quality colored circle lenses and ensure that they use supplies that are relaxed and protected on the eyes.

Double verify which the color is used inside the lens

Circle lenses are manufactured in two approaches. You can find some companies that set the colour on the outdoors element in the lens and you will find people that implement the colour inside. It is recommended to buy the lens which is produced using the colour applied inside so that you’ll be able to assure the shade will never peel off or begin to flake when putting on the get in touch with lenses. In any other case, this may lead to hurt or injuries to your eyes.

Make certain which the organization is protected

Each and every time you buy merchandise with the web, it is important to appear out for signs which the internet site is secured and secure. Additionally it is vital to make certain that the individual and credit rating card information are guarded.

Get your time in purchasing all around to find a reputable keep

The cost of circle lenses is dependent on where you buy them. You’ll find sites offering them for twenty five pounds while there are some that demand much more than 50 pounds for only one lens. It is necessary to check various organizations determined by their reputation and customer care.

Getting circle lenses online

Among the many benefits of purchasing on the internet is that you are able to choose from a extensive selection of manufacturers and also shops without having obtaining the need to head out. This may obviously preserve you numerous of money and time. In addition, you’ll be able to very easily buy circle lenses even with no a prescription.


Circle Lenses and FDA Approval

circle lenses

Circle Lenses aka ‘big fixing their gaze lenses’ are soft contacts which can be larger across than ‘normal’ clear or colored contact lenses thus provide the appearance of larger and usually brighter eyes. These folks were created in South Korea back many years ago and also have be a fashion staple in Asia. The truth is, the Korean Herald estimated that Circle Lens contacts represents over 30% of the entire contact lenses market in The philipines. Many Asian celebrities have sported the doll-eye circle lens look and still have were built with a huge effect on spreading this new cosmetic lenses fashion trend.

circle lens

In the us most large media outlets ran stories around the circle lenses phenomenon after Lady Gaga debuted big fixing their gaze lenses (or maybe just computerized effects) in their Bad Romance video and gave her credit to create them popular in the united states. Others credit Michelle Phan and her viral YouTube video showing girls getting the Lady Gaga big eye look by wearing a wig, applying eye shadows and topping it well using a cool pair of color circle lenses contacts.

Even if this author agrees that Stefani (that’s Lady Gaga’s real name) and Michelle have had a huge influence in spreading the circle lens style younger crowd feels it’s simply a matter of time before these cosmetic lenses become history for most modern aspects of the planet. They are hugely popular among teen girls and the ones young single adult females who’re into the night club scene.

In our relatively small global world of communications, grass roots marketing and self published YouTube videos any style or fashion which has a strong following in a single part of the world is likely to migrate far more quickly than a good decade ago when Internet use had not been yet an element of daily life. Some fashions or styles may be fads and others might not stick because of cultural differences however for young woman the appeal to boost their the color of eyes and build the illusion of larger, sexier eyes is apparently universal and transcend cultures.

This trend of putting on a costume your eye area isn’t uncommon as Halloween contact lenses are already well-liked by vampire fanatics and also average people during Halloween season to accomplish the supreme costume. The use of larger, colored contacts can also be becoming more popular among those who embark on cosplay, short for costume play, yet still other young woman attempting to simulate the Japanese style or appearance of Anime.

Because the US FDA hasn’t yet approved them does that produce them more dangerous than regular contacts or is the true danger the fact that because our FDA hasn’t approved them young woman and some women in the usa opting for to purchase them online doc? The KFDA, Korean Fda standards, that takes care of the protection and health in the citizens of South Korea has approved these lenses, is it wrong? Would a government body approve something which was dangerous? If your FDA approve these new larger contacts and let our companies make and distribute these lenses and allow Doctors to fit them? The current reality is that circle lens contacts will likely be worn and purchased by young American woman even without approval.

Probably the best and safest approach the usa FDA could pursue should be to encourage a large US based lens manufacturer to create safe circle lenses and expedite their approval in order that US woman could purchase these lenses in the usa and obtain them properly fitted and obtain a valid prescription. Unless the FDA is reviewing these lenses (and unlikely considering the fact that Karen Riley the FDA authority interviewed with the Ny Times this season admitted she didn’t have any idea what circle lenses were) any future approval request of circle lens contacts in the us is likely to move with a bureaucratic snail’s pace typical of FDA approvals for medical devices which is classification that most contacts purchased in the united states really are a section of. Today this also lenses may be purchased in other countries without having a current prescription.

Until such time as FDA approval of Circle Contacts gets to be a reality we can recommend one specific set of Circle Lens contacts which can be actually Approved by the fda and offered by several popular online disposable lenses retailers, you need to simply understand what to ask about for… visit Circle-Lenses.net for more information on FDA Approved Circle Lenses.

The reality regarding GEO Circle Lenses Exposed

circle lenses

Nowadays you might be overwhelmed by the numerous selection of Color lenses or circle Lens that are offered in the market. However, there is just one that is really standing up for from your mass, GEO Circle Lenses.

circle lens
GEO Circle lenses are design and created by a professional Korean company named GEO medical Co. Ltd. They’re an advance and innovative company that specialised in designing circle color lenses and contains attain numerous Local & International certification for the products, quality control and innovation.

( Approved & certified by KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration), MHLW (Japan Secretary of state for Health, Labour and Welfare), ISO (International Standard Organisation) & CE (Conformit´┐Ż Europ´┐Żenne – Europe). )

In additional towards the above outstanding credentials you will find below, 4 major benefits of GEO Circle lenses.

Benefit 1 – Color & design style

GEO Lenses are famous for their color and design style. You can find various interesting color from which to choose I.e. Blue, green, brown, black purple, violet, sea green, olive and more as well as in term of favor, it’s going to be a lot more exciting, you can find lenses with some other design pattern for the lens itself, I.e. starry effect, butterfly effect, tearing effect etc.

Benefit 2 – Money Saver

GEO lenses are make to are per year of usage with proper cleaning and storage!

However, we’re going to strongly recommend that you apply it for each 6-8 months as fresh, new contacts will always be better and safer to the wearer.

Our recommendation: Transform every 6 months in case you put them on often. Put it back every 8 months if you do not use them as frequently.

Benefits 3 – Corrective Power can be acquired

For Those individuals who wear corrective disposable lenses, GEO Lens conveniently obtainable with corrective lenses.Thus there isn’t any excuse that you can look wonderful Continuously!

Benefits 4 – Simplicity of Ordering

With all the advancement online, anyone can find Ordering of your respective lenses easy and GEO circle lenses has no exception.

We’ll recommend that you’ve got a yearly eye check by way of a qualified optometry’s or eye doctors first before you purchase any lenses offline or online. Whenever your prescription emerges, you’re set to go surfing and order your preferred circle lenses without headaches, It is so easy. But do bare in mind that there are fake lenses available for sale which can be cheaper and sold, Authentic GEO circle lens vial includes a special authenticity number so that you can check it on the internet, so that you can are accertain which you have genuine or always order from a authorized GEO lenses agent like contactlensxchange.com.

GEO Circle Lenses – Guide For newbies

circle lenses
GEO Circle Lenses Or GEO Colored contact lenses is among the most popular cosmetic lens brand on the market right this moment which is made by a Korean-based company – GEO Medical Ltd.

circle lens

GEO lenses are some of the leading brands from the markets available in huge varieties of styles and colors.

In this posting, we will explore all of the different kinds of cosmetic contacts that GEO provides their consumers.

GEO Conventional soft disposable lenses

These are prescription contact lenses that supply vision correction like those present in other brand disposable lenses.

These people have a hue of blue or aqua for easily handling rather than for color effect thus they may not be considered cosmetic disposable lenses, but rather vision correction lenses.

GEO Magic Circle Lenses series

GEO magic Circle Lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that come in colors of black, grey, or brown. They are meant to you could make your eyes look bigger without any color effect. They’ve got some patterns of black, brown or gray on the disposable lenses, nevertheless the colorful patterns usually are invisible if you are wearing them. The diameter in the lenses is 14 mm.

GEO Magic Color Lenses series

GEO Magic color lenses are cosmetic colored lenses available in many different different patterns and colours.

You will find a variety of colors out of this series like purple, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, gray, black, and brown.

GEO Magic color lenses appear in numerous styles and combinations; they may be designed to increase the appearance of your respective eyes with their massive amount colors and pattern available. Different patterns may give the eyes a different look but they could be the same color. Next to your skin a teary, refreshing affect that can make the eyes look more alive.

GEO Trend lens series

GEO Trend lenses are designed with unique patterns or images around the lenses like hearts, stars, or butterflies. These kinds of lenses are nevertheless capable to offer an enlarging impact on your vision, plus when someone looks in your eyes, they’re going to see light styles of stars, hearts and butterflies within them in swirls or different patterns. They may also give your eyes a tearful looking causing them to be look more refreshed.

GEO Animation / festive lenses series (Crazy lens)

GEO Festive or Animation lenses are just party lenses which can be made for special events like costume parties. They have got bold colors and designs of happy faces, hearts, anime-looking designs, soccer balls and more for your eyes.

GEO Image color lenses

GEO Image color lenses certainly are a very new idea lens.

This lens are made to order to have some message about the lens itself thus if someone else see it, are going to capable of seeing the material.

Other than message, it’s possible to likewise have characters or another images on the lens to improve your thing and earn it fun for all making use of it

Contact Lenses popular


circle lenses

When you first speak about fashion and beauty nowadays, contact lens is something that you ought to not pass up. Contact lens originally are for those who are having eye defects, but now with all the numerous color cons and large eye-to-eye contact lens, they become an important part of the form and sweetness category.

circle lens

Actually, a lot of the color or big his full attention lens are products from Korea and japan. To admit that most of the designs fit Asian rather than each of the designs fit westerners. Therefore, you have to choose carefully, otherwise, you might look weird and unnatural after wearing such contact lens.

For westerners, usually you are having lighter eyes (iris). If you wear the top eye contacts lens with the black or darkish circles, you might even see a definite cut of the light and dark colors. Though I know you would like up your eyes to appear bigger, by putting on big eye con, you’ll probably look strange.

For better choice, you can select the coloured con instead. You can choose many different colors like blue, green, brown or any colors you prefer. A few of the brands have been supplying the 3 Tones con that are also suitable for light colored eyes. You can fit contacts color along with your hair, eyebrow or clothes.

Such cons aren’t just for women or women. Most of the Korean or Japanese boy and man wear color or big eye con too. Particularly for people that play rock music and are having punk look and for little bit of cosplay, contacts are really imperative that you them.

Many people wear color con every single day. Unless you like to use them daily, no mean that you should not have a very set of two color cons. Actually, there are many designs that are suitable and just the thing for party, mainly the Halloween. Funny designs include Zombie, Bullet, Cats Eye and Spiral.

Because the power color pigment, pigmentation method, thickness of the lenses, and material from the lenses may get a new oxygen transmissibility. Also, as the majority of the colour con provides only certain curve, it’s not best fit for those people. For your heavy colored con, doctors recommend to never wear for longer than Two hours. You should never wear the disposable lenses as you sleep.

Circle Lenses vs Normal Color Contactsc

circle lenses

The gap between circle lenses and normal color lenses is obviously the gap inside the appearance created when worn. However, there are more differences as well such as variants styles, colors, availability, price and comfort.

circle lens

To start, the most apparent difference is circle lenses increase the risk for eyes appear larger, while normal color contacts don’t. A straightforward explanation of why such a thing happens is really because circle lenses have a dark tinted ring regarding the area outside of the iris, while typical color contacts tend not to. The additional dark tint produces the effect of a bigger iris, thus making your eyes appear larger. Circle lenses are for those that desire to make their eyes appear larger and much more colorful, while color contacts are for those who only desire a subtle color alternation in their eyes. There are many more designs customized per eye type for circle lenses than you will find for typical color contacts.

You can find circle lenses that will make the attention glow, develop a subtle color change, increase the risk for eye look bolder, plus much more. Normal color contacts however, usually only can be found in different variations of color blends. Circle lenses are generally soft lenses, while typical color contacts could be soft or hard type lenses. You can find pros and cons for using soft lenses over hard lenses. Soft lenses tend to be more at ease (softer plus more flexible) as they adapt to the eye area quicker. However, they may be more fragile than hard lenses, therefore should be addressed with additional care. Another among these varieties of lenses is their usage periods. Circle contact lenses usually only have a one full year usage cycle, while normal color contacts are available in daily, monthly and yearly usage cycles.

Price-wise, circle disposable lenses are less expensive than typical color contacts compared on the day-to-day basis. Normal color contacts will surely cost an upwards of $150 to purchase for extended-wear (yearly) lenses, while a circle contact will still only cost from the array of $30-$45 for a yearly lens. The very last difference influences accessibility to these lenses. Normal color contacts are accessible. It is easy to purchase normal color lenses both online and in shops wherever you go. Circle contact lenses however, have become rare to find in United states. It can be hard to find circle lenses available for sale online from reputable sellers, and much more difficult to get them in stores. If you are intending to acquire circle disposable lenses online, be certain that you’re purchasing from authorized retailers of circle lenses as an alternative to private sellers, because there are many fake low-quality circle lenses being imported from China.

You now know the among circle lenses and normal color lenses, it is possible to pick which lens meets your requirements. In case you are only trying to find a subtle the color of eyes change, perhaps you should get normal color lenses. However, if you would like up your eyes to take a look bigger and more colorful, I would recommend you get circle contact lenses.

Are Circle Lenses Really Safe?

circle lenses

Circle Lenses happen to be an argument lately following a famous Rhianna Video.

circle lens

Circle Lenses increasingly becoming more identified by teen and younger adults. Though the big real question is always… Is it safe?

Our experience have told ask that wearing of contact lenses can be risky unless you continue with the right cleaning and hygiene method formulate with the Lens manufacturer or advise by qualified Optometrists and eye doctors. Thus circle lenses haven’t any exception…!!!

Circle lenses are also offered produced by reputable companies i.e. GEO medical co ltd that attain numerous qualified certification. This business has achieved many standard of manufacturing the right contacts to the average person. But in spite of this qualification and certification if the consumer will not be aware around the correct usage and good care of the lens, I really believe potential risk of eye infection as well as other eye complication can be raised.

Thus, the bottom line is Circle lenses can be safe as well as could be a risky to you… the true answer all depends for you… the user. You will be endangering the security of your family eyes, should you not keep to the correct care and handling of these lenses, and they are circle lenses at the same time.

Nowadays most contacts are label of soft lenses; they are much fragile when touch therefore health care should be followed in order to avoid harm to the lenses.

Here are 8 important tips when handling your circle lenses:

– Always store your lenses in multi-purpose solution for around 6 hours before use – Avoid using it straight from the vial!

– Strictly wash, rinse and dry your both hands before touching your lenses.

– Always maintain your claws trimmed. Avoid the use of sharp mind handle you lenses. Only use your finger tips to handle lens

– Avoid the use of water from the Tap or worst, your saliva to wash your lenses!

– Remember to scrub, rinse before disinfecting your lenses once you take them out out of your eye. Forgetting to do this step may cause discomfort and worst infection in your eye when you choose to wear them again.

– When applying cosmetic or make-up, always you should get some contacts first to prevent comprise powder or cream touching disinfected lenses.

– Can remember the expiry date in the contact lenses try to replace them regularly as indicated

– Avoid wearing disposable lenses when swimming, sleeping, or doing any activities that could have contact with your vision for long period of time.

– Contact your eye doctor or optometrist immediately, in case you always feel discomfort or irritation even with your have remove your lenses.

IF In Doubt, Always seek professional advice before using disposable lenses.

Circle Lenses and other brand contacts are identical and need to follow the steps that have been highlighted above and if you have follow closely, you will find that wearing circle lenses although be safe to use but also may be large amount of fun too!!!!